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McGuire Psychological Services began in 1999 in Kelowna BC. As a compassionate, experienced psychologist, Dr. McGuire travels throughout the Okanagan-Similkameen and Shuswap regions, including Oliver/Osoyoos, Summerland, Penticton, Kelowna, and Vernon and Salmon Arm, assisting clients from school age to adults including older persons. As a former university professor, she has shared her knowledge with students. She is also a consultant to a number of organizations, including WorkSafeBC, West Coast Psychological Services, LifeMark Health, and the FASD Okanagan Valley, Assessment and Support Society.

McGuire Psychological Services provides the following clinical services:

  • Neurological Assessments
  • Learning Disability Diagnostic Assessments
  • AD/HD Assessments
  • Cognitive Screening/Brain Injury Assessments

Dr. Kimberly McGuire is a Registered Psychologist (College of Psychologists of BC #1349). She has been in private practice in the Okanagan Valley for more than 20 years. She completed her training in Clinical Psychology (Neuropsychology Specialty) at the University of Victoria. Her early Master’s level training focused on Child Development and Psychobiology. She also completed master’s and doctoral level training in lifespan clinical neuropsychology.

Dr. McGuire has conducted more than 3500 comprehensive neuropsychological, clinical, vocational and psycho-educational assessments.  She has worked in schools and provided services to a wide range of public and private agencies.  She is also an experienced educator, having taught at the college and university level, and provided workshops on a variety of topics related to supporting persons with disabilities, conducting assessments, and managing post-concussion symptoms.

Currently, approximately 65 percent of her clinical work focuses on assessments with neurological populations, including many individuals who have suspected or confirmed concussions or brain injuries. She is a consultant to the Head Injury Assessment and Treatment Services (HIATS) team at Lifemark Health Group in Kelowna.  She also provides consultation services to the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Okanagan Valley, Assessment and Support Society.  The remainder of her practice includes assessments to address appropriate training and vocational and/learning supports for individuals with learning disorders, cognitive concerns, mental health conditions, and physical disabilities, or a combination of these concerns.

Staff & Contractors

Ms. Doris Born – Registered Psychologist

Laura – Psychometrician

Samantha – Psychometrician

Jeff – Administration/Psychometrician

Services & FAQ’s

We offer psychological assessments in-office and off-site for three major areas:

  1. Neuropsychological – Brain injuries, strokes, AD/HD or ADD, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD)
  2. Learning Disability Assessments – School, college, and university levels
  3. Psychovocational – For rehabilitation planning. We receive referrals from lawyers, the teacher unions, public service unions, and WorkSafeBC


What types of services are provided by McGuire Psychological Services?

  • Neuropsychological assessments
  • Psychoeducational assessments or Learning Disability Diagnostic assessments
  • Psychovocational Assessments
  • Developmental Disability / Community Living BC eligibility assessments
  • Psychological/Clinical Diagnostic Assessments
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Independent Professional Services for Medical-legal cases

McGuire Psychological Services provides services for school-aged children, youth/young adults, and adults of all ages, including older persons.

What does an assessment entail?

All assessments include an intake or interview session with Dr. McGuire and/or another Registered Psychologist.  Most initial interviews take 1 to 2 hours to complete.  She will ask about your medical history, educational and employment history, and your current concerns and circumstances. 

The next step is to complete testing.  Once the psychologist has determined which assessment measures need to be completed, a testing technician or psychometrician administers the assessment measures. Depending on the type of assessment requested, testing typically takes 5 to 10 hours to complete and is generally completed over two or more sessions. 

To perform your best, so you should get a good night’s sleep, bring your reading glasses and relax.  A lunch break and rest breaks are given.  There are no invasive or medical procedures.   Some reading is required but writing demands are limited.  Measures administered depend on the nature of the assessment, but typically assessment of language, memory/learning, problem-solving, visual-spatial, and academic skills are included, as well as measures to address personal style and personal values.

What does a report include?

After the assessment, Dr. McGuire analyzes will the test results and writes a comprehensive report that outlines strengths and weaknesses and includes relevant and personalized recommendations that address your issues/concerns and any support needs.   Reports can be customized but generally include a summary of relevant personal information, test results, and specific/targeted recommendations.

What is the feedback from a debriefing session?

After the report is completed, typically within 10 to 15 business days, a feedback or debriefing session is held.  This is typically a one-hour session.  At the feedback session copies of the report are provided to the client and referral agent, Dr. McGuire discusses the findings and recommendations, and she gives the opportunity to ask questions.  

Please note:  Feedback appointments cannot be provided to clients referred by a third party for Independent Medical Examinations or as part of legal proceedings until proceedings have concluded.

What does an assessment cost?

Assessments range in price depending on the nature of the assessment and the duration of testing required, but most range between $1800 and $4000.  The Medical Services Plan of BC does not cover services provided by Registered Psychologists; however, many Extended Health Care plans cover these services (please check with your insurance provider). McGuire Psychological Services will provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance provider, if needed.


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